SEGI Product Line

Aluminum Box

Aluminum Box A basic junction box manufactured from aluminum castings that is mainly used in industrial…

Plastic Box

The plastic box is a basic pin box made of flame retardant ABS material, with plastic…

Import part

In addition to various products produced by our company, we import and supply good products from…

Power Distribution

Power Distribution The power distributor is a device that distributes secondary power from the main power…

Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer   Purpose of the product Used for water coolant in machine tools (CNC machines,…

Machine Light

Machine light is made of aluminum profile and die guest, and the glass is made of…

ILOOKS Product line

About Our Company

SegiBiz Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 as Segi Electric, and is a company that produces…

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Important Notice

We, SEGIBIZ CO., LTD that was founded in 2006 have manufactured Junction box, LED Lamp, Transformer…

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Exhibition Gallery

Through the exhibition, we continue to participate in the event to promote technical cooperation such as…

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Company Gallery

We strive to create an organizational culture in which employees respect and trust each other by…

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